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Purpose of this game is selling as many weapons you can without killing all your customers.

You are an evil villain keen on turning the world into a weapon-filled, enemy-stricken chaos!

Your goal is to keep society in balance to gain the highest profit and control the city.

Send out evil minions within the city to create fear within the townsfolk, causing them to buy your weapons. If the Population decreases past 500, or if Hope goes below 15, the city has been destroyed and you lose.

The more Hope you have, the more the population will grow, and vice-versa. If the city is too powerful against your enemies, however, their Hope will rise too much. If the city’s Hope goes past 85, you can’t sell your weapons. 

The more people buy your weapons, the more Control you have over the city, but if you lose Control and it goes under 0.3, you lose.

If the city’s Power is less than your minions’ attack Power, the city’s Hope decreases.

The amount of money you make is proportional to the city’s Power.


Malevolent Management.zip 31 MB

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